Live video content can be an incredibly effective branding and marketing tool, but only when it’s done well. To find more about what to watch out for as you plan for your next livestream, Young Entrepreneur Council members answered the following question:

What is a major mistake business owners keep making when doing live video content? What can they do differently to avoid the problem?

Here is what they said:

1. Not Smiling

When you’re creating video content, the goal is to be friendly and approachable. The best way to portray this image through your content is simply by smiling. Interestingly enough, this also applies to videos where there is an off-screen narrator. Smiling can change the sound and tone of your voice. – Blair Williams, MemberPress

2. Being Unprepared

If you’re going to hold a live video event, you must prepare for the video before you go live. I like to write up a script, practice points of emphasis and address concerns that may arise as someone is watching the video. Try to prepare what you’re going to say weeks in advance so you have time to fine-tune your content and tone. – Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

3. Assuming There Will Be No Technical Issues

It’s a shame when the brand starts a live session but the connection interrupts. I’ve seen a business owner who announced a major live event, but didn’t account for the fact that the internet connection in her current location wouldn’t handle the amount of traffic. As a result, she had to reschedule the event. It’s important to make sure that the tech won’t let you down. – Solomon Thimothy, OneIMS

4. Inconsistent Lighting, Audio And Camera Placement

Our standards for watching live video have come a long way, and having good lighting, clear audio and a steady camera without any shaking makes it more likely for people to watch. Use natural light or video lights, invest in a microphone and have a nice background for your recording studio. Think of live video as a production with lights, camera and action. This helps communicate your message! – Nathalie Lussier, AccessAlly

5. Ignoring Your Viewers

One major mistake business owners make when doing live video content is not interacting with the viewers. Live video is the perfect way to form better connections with your audience. If you’re just saying what you have to say and leaving, you’re missing out on the opportunity to build relationships. Instead, take time to acknowledge people in the chat and allow them to ask questions. – Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

6. Not Inserting CTAs

Live streaming is meant to be fun and interactive, but if you aren’t giving your viewers actionable advice about what to do next, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your business. Always use calls to action and guide your viewers on what you want them to do next. This will help you increase your conversions and improve user engagement. – Jared Atchison, WPForms

7. Unprofessional Appearance

Just because live video is more casual, doesn’t mean that you should be super casual (even sloppy) with your appearance when you do them. If you want your audience to trust your business and listen what you have to say, make sure you look professional. Don’t film yourself for live video content in your pajamas, hair a mess, sitting in your unmade bed. Choose a professional background. – John Turner, SeedProd LLC

8. Doing A Live Video Without Announcing It Ahead Of Time

Just because you’re creating content live doesn’t mean you can do it whenever you want. Treat it like an event and do some marketing for it ahead of time so people know when, how and why to show up. This helps avoid the situation where you’re constantly repeating yourself to fill in “new viewers” while boring the rest of the audience and pushing them away. – Karl Kangur, MRR Media

9. Not Having A Clear Goal For The Video

A major mistake I see business owners or brand influencers making is getting on live videos and simply talk with no apparent intention. This is a waste of time for you and your audience. Go live with a very specific goal in mind; decide whether the video is to entertain, educate or promote. Pick one of these options and be very clear out of the gate what your video is meant to be for. – Jared Weitz, United Capital Source Inc.

10. Straying From Your Brand

Live video is a brand new world, and it’s easy to get carried away by the medium! Keep it simple. Make sure that the video fits with your brand and serves to advance your mission and goals. Clients, particularly millennials, can sniff out inauthenticity a mile away. – Beth Doane, Main & Rose

11. Long Introductions

I can understand the appeal of wanting to include a visually impressive intro to your video content that shows your company’s sleek design and high production value. However, any intro longer than a few seconds is going to annoy the vast majority of your potential viewers and motivate them to click away. Keep it short and sweet if you don’t want to turn people off your content. – Bryce Welker, Crush The CPA Exam

12. Not Optimizing Your Live Video After the Fact

If I miss a live video I’m interested in, I will later try to find it, but if I can’t find it quickly, I move on. I imagine it is the same way for many other people. There are lots of ways to optimize your live video after the fact. You can post it on your website, comment on and edit it on Facebook Live, share it on Youtube, etc. Don’t forget about this important step! – Reuben Yonatan, GetVoIP

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