Tips for Creating Videos

Creating great videos is not just a matter of having the right tools but executing the production flawlessly. A great video can be ruined by poor audio. On the same note, a video that does not deliver the intended message to the audience would be a failure, no matter how great the audio is.

The key to making great videos is preparation. Here are five tips that will help you make an engaging video.

1. Prepare for the Production

Preparation is key to a great video presentation. Proper preparation will help you save time during the recording and post-production processes.

The preparation stage is where you should work out any technical issues. Check that you have a good camera and that it’s working properly. Get behind the camera, roll it for a few seconds and evaluate the video quality. Adjust the recording settings as appropriate to get good videos.

Also, check that your mic is working properly and that the camera’s memory stick would be enough for your video.

2. Research and Plan Your Content

Before you start recording, think about your target audience and the message you want to deliver. Who is the ideal person you would like to reach with your information?

From there, it’s time to plan the content. The content should resonate well with your target audience. Ask yourself the following:

What information would you want your audience to get?
Why should the audience care about what you have to say?
What would you want the audience to do by the end of the video?

Address any objections your audience would have about your content, especially if your goal is to get them to enter your sales funnel by giving them your email, purchasing a product or requesting a callback.

3. Prepare the Production Space

The production space should be suitable for the type of video you want to create. Ensure that the environment is well-lit and quiet. If you will be writing on a whiteboard during the presentation, light it up properly. Preview the whiteboard in your camera to ensure that whatever you’ll be writing would be visible.

You should also dress appropriately for the recording. You have worked hard to build your brand and you want to communicate your brand in your marketing video. Do not be afraid to wear a suit on camera if that is what it takes to project your brand look. Another alternative is to wear a T-shirt with your company’s branding.

Noise is another thing you want to consider in the production space. Record in a quiet environment with minimal background noises. This is important to ensure the audio will be not be drowned by the noises.

4. Post Production for Clarity

The post-production stage allows you to iron out some kinks you may have encountered during recording. Watch your video and edit it for clarity. Color correct the clips, remove unwanted background noises, and insert titles and supporting captions.

Consider the final video file format you would like. The file format will determine how huge the video file will be. You may have to convert it to a compatible format to share it on YouTube or other social networks.

5. Think About SEO

An effective video campaign should have SEO in mind! Google and other search engines love video content, and there are various built-in algorithms that determine how videos are ranked for specific search phrases that people search for. To gain SEO advantage, get a transcript added on your video page that Google can crawl and index. Also, this video transcript can be used for re-purposing the content in many ways. You can easily convert it into a blog or an e-book. Also, video transcription services can be used for content repurposing in many ways, like converting a video into a blog or an e-book, for example.

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