Creating enticing videos that hit the right chord isn’t a task for the faint of heart. It needs a lot of time and energy.

As a small business owner, you cannot ignore the power of quality videos. Be it educating your audience about your existing products or building awareness for a newly launched product line, product videos can easily help you achieve your objective.

However, not all product videos are created equal. Some product videos can sway the audience, while others don’t move the needle.

Video editing plays a critical role in making product videos powerful because it is key to blending images and sounds to leave a lasting impression on your audience. But small business owners, owing to their budget-limitations, often don’t hire a professional video editing company to get their videos edited.

If it is the case with you, the help is here.

In today’s post, I’m going to share five video editing tools so that you can easily edit your business videos.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

1- Pinnacle Studio

PC: Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a full-fledged video editing application available for Windows PC. You can import existing media, or grab live footage through screen recording or multi-cam recording. It’s a flexible video editor with hundreds of inbuilt filters, effects and correction tools to create high-quality professional HD videos for your business.

The key features of Pinnacle Studio are but not limited to:

Drag and drop interface, along with a precision control timeline
Capture and edit multiple cameras simultaneously
Overlay creation and editing, motion tracking, and 360-degree video editing
Edit videos on the go with the iOS app and export them to PC for further tuningPinnacle Studio is available as a

Pinnacle Studio comes in three versions – Standard, Plus, and Ultimate. You can have a 30-day free trial before you buy it.

2- Animoto

PC: Animoto

The next in the list of video editing software is Animoto. It’s a web-based drag-and-drop video maker and editor with many built-in templates. You can also use Android and iOS apps to edit videos on the go.

Insert photos and video clips, add text, edit fonts and music, and let Animoto turn them into one beautiful video story to entice your target audience.

Animoto has the following key features:

A huge library of licensed music tracks
Several photo collage layouts and animated text effects
Templates available for common social media sites
Customization to meet your business’s needs

Animoto is available as 14-day trial software. Premium plans can open up access to the stock photo library and the option to add a custom logo to the videos among other features.

3- InVideo

PC: InVideo

InVideo is a web-based drag-and-drop video editor like Animoto, but it also brings multi-language support.

This software provides a range of templates required by businesses for their day-to-day affairs. And you can even turn text into videos. Import an article, review the rendition and convert it into a valuable video.

InVideo brings the following key features to you:

Facility to create videos from the text, article links or existing media
A vast library of stock images, stickers, and text styles
Support for brand overlay and text overlay
Automated voiceover

The InVideo editing software is available for free. But with paid plans, you get access to the premium video library and several other advanced features.

Small business owners who are not tech-savvy can go for this tool as it is an easy-to-use tool.

4- Videoshop

PC: Videoshop

Videoshop is another beginner-friendly video software available for mobile.

Import photos and videos or shoot directly from within the app. Then, type in titles, insert custom music and subtitles to create social-media friendly videos of your daily hustle.

The key features available in Videoshop are as follow:

Flexible manual editing instead of automated videos
Slow-motion, time-lapse and stop-motion video shooting modes
Inbuilt library of sound effects, clip transitions and filters
Sound effect

You can download Videoshop for free from the respective store on iOS and Android. Paid plans are also available, with more tools to touch up your videos.

5- Nutshell Camera

PC: Nutshell Camera

Nutshell is a video editing app for iOS. It is a very easy-to-use tool for small businesses.

Nutshell Camera generates videos in only four steps – click 3 photos of anything, add text and stickers, wait for the magic, and save. Yes, that’s all in a nutshell.

If you are thinking that Nutshell Camera creates slideshows, you are wrong. It doesn’t create slideshows. In fact, it produces mini-movies using three distinct snaps from the in-app camera. Then, you can add captions and animations.

Here are the key features of the Nutshell Camera:

Simplified workflow
A library of animated graphics
Instant sharing to social media platforms

It is simple but effective enough to create and share mini-videos of your team at work or a new product.

And what’s more? The nutshell Camera app is available for free.

Final Words

Those were five video editing software, which you can start using right away. Whether your aim is to tell a story about your products, improve audience engagement, or increase sales through videos, these tools can make your task a lot easier. So, pick your tool of choice and start designing head-turning videos for your business.

What about you? Do you want to share any video editing tool you have been using? Please leave it in the comment section. I’d love to know about it.

Disclaimer: The writer and Business2Community are not associated with any of the above-mentioned tools in any sense. The tools have been included for their merits only.

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