Many of us consider Facebook Messenger as a way for instant messaging with our friends – but did you know that it’s an extremely underused marketing tool, as well? In fact, many large up and coming organizations use Facebook Messenger to connect with existing and potential clients on social media.

Want to know some useful options included with Facebook Messenger that you can use to improve customer service, promote your products, and more? Not convinced? Well, here are some numbers that might do the trick:

1) The open rates for Messenger marketing when compared with email campaigns are 70% higher.

2)  The number of active bots on Facebook is 300 million and increasing.

3)  2.60Billion monthly active Facebook users

4)  How about the fact that Facebook Messenger has over 2 million monthly downloads in the USA alone.

5) More than 20 billion messages are exchanged with business every month by Facebook users. I am guessing that, by now, you are impressed by these statistics…well I hope you are because I am about to share my 5 secrets to helping your business advance through Facebook Messenger Marketing.


Check out our 5 Great Tips to Boost your business


  • 1. Remind your Clients About Appointments:                                                                                                                                            When you advise your clients to book appointments with you on Facebook using the “Book Now” button, make sure you use Facebook Messenger to follow up and remind them about their appointments. To turn on the button, simply click the blue call to action button on your business page. Choose the “Book with You” option and fill out your appointment preferences. Then go to your Inbox and click the Automated Responses menu. Scroll down until you see the Follow-Up options, and click to enable Appointment Reminders. Messenger will send you an automated reminder 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.


  • 2. Initiate a Conversation:                                                                                                                                                                                        When you have an amazing piece of content that you would like to share with the world, a great idea would be to use the “Get Messages” feature on your next Facebook post. After creating a post on Facebook, scroll down and below the message space, you’ll see a list of options. One of them is “Get Messages” and it enables the people who see your post to click to send you a message. The best way to use this particular feature is to promote a lead magnet. If your content is attractive enough people will want to engage with you and click the ‘Send Message’ button When someone wants the content you’re promoting, they’ll click the Send Message button to request the content. You can then get their contact information and send them a pdf of the content or redirect them to your download page. If you don’t have content to promote, you can still use this feature to allow people to request more information about your business. It’s a great way to initiate a conversation. Just keep in mind that Facebook has rules about how often businesses may send messages to people. Make sure you stick to their guidelines.


  • 3. A Great tip:                                                                                                                                                                                                  Respond to Frequently Asked Questions. Most businesses have FAQs on their websites, but it would be a good idea to use Facebook Messenger to provide responses to your followers on Facebook, too. To set up Frequently Asked Questions section on Facebook, check out your Facebook inbox and scroll down to the Automated Responses, and enable the option for FAQs. You’ll come to a screen that enables you to tap a plus sign, for you to add questions; this is just a little different from your website FAQ. When messaging your business page, your client will access your list of FAQs and easily tap the question they want answering. When they do, they’ll get the response you entered. Want to know how to make the most out of the FAQ facility on Facebook Messenger? Great question, just follow these recommendations:

3a)  Ensure your responses are succinct i.e. brief and to the point.

3b)  Match the information you provide on Facebook to your website. In other words, make sure that the information you                 provide is consistent.

3c)  Do not be afraid to advise your client that it is an automated response.

3d) Check your links to ensure they work correctly. There are multiple benefits to creating an automated frequently                          answered questions area answered immediately which then turns on a badge that gives you kudos for prompt                        responses!


  • 4.  Respond to clients who comment or attend your Event via messenger:                                                                                    When creating events and sending invites on Facebook, it is helpful to set up Facebook Messenger so that those attending the event can message you and initiate conversations with them. On creating an event, you will notice an option to: “Allow Guests to Message [Your Page] About Reservation.” Once this is enabled, you will receive an automated message advising you of every new reservation to your event. You will have the option to respond, and in this way, you will be able to engage with your future client and nurture the possibility of them becoming a paying customer. Naturally, there is also the option of the Attendees to your event being able to communicate with you directly with queries about the event.


  • 5: You will have a targeted audience for your Facebook Ads, from those who have messaged your Page!:                          Whilst all our previous Tips for using Facebook Messenger are extremely helpful and effective, this last one is a goldmine. You can now use the Facebook Custom Audience feature, to create truly targeted Ads using the list of people who have, in the past, messaged your Business page. You also have the option to use any time frame. Just click on the “Add People to Your Audience” section and simply choose the “People who sent a message to your page” option.  Just fill in your chosen time frame, next to this option. Suggestion: go back a year, if you can or else choose a narrower time frame, if preferable for whatever reason. The amazing thing about this tactic is the opportunity to be even more detailed… For example, by using the option within Facebook Messenger to conduct a survey, you will be then able to target your Facebook Ads to the specific responses! Recommendation: by providing your audience with multiple options in the survey, you would then be able to create ads targeted to each of the responses. The amazing thing about Facebook Messenger is that it offers a really exciting and inexpensive opportunity to engage in targeted marketing. When you consider the high open rate for Facebook Messenger, the likelihood your targeted audience your Ad, is pretty good. I reckon you can really be confident in this method, especially when you compare it to the usual Facebook ads that are displayed on the News Feed – what do you think? There is so much more to Facebook Messenger than just a cool way to connect with friends. When used strategically, it has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool that offers you the opportunity to engage and connect, on a personal level, with your future customers and take your business to a whole new level.

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